Additional Services

Psychoneuroimmunology is the branch of medical science that explores the connection  between the nervous system, the immune system, consciousness, and psychology. Researchers are just beginning to understand how each of these individual systems intersect and support each other. In my practice, I aim to create an environment that honors each of these vital aspects of our being, and makes room for their synergistic interplay. While my offerings are always evolving, the theme and intention remain a constant: to foster an opportunity for the individual to experience, more fully, the depth, beauty, and complexity of all that they are. Ultimately, disease and illness offer an invitation or portal way into this inquiry. 

Vibrational Harmonics and Cacao Facilitated Treatments

This treatment primarily uses the gong but can also include a variety of other instruments and vocalization.

Both overtone-rich sound and ceremonial cacao support work on and with the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual bodies. They work in tandem with hands-on, structural bodywork and energy medicine to help explore ways of letting go of tension and other blocks, connecting us deeper to ourselves. 

Part of any healing process requires us to restore balance to our lives. Our current frenetic plugged-in lifestyle can impair our internal connection to the intrinsic source of energy. Meditation, Yoga, and various breathwork practices are popular pathways for reconnecting – restoring balance and inner peace. Another ancient modality is resurging in the wellness arena: sound journeys employing overtone-rich instruments.

For twenty-five years, Dr. Asher has incorporated hands-on, manual therapies including osteopathy and myofascial release – often finding they are as effective and longer lasting than the surgeries he once performed. We are delighted to now offer new adjunct services that support this work and delve further into the exploration of consciousness and healing.

There are 3-4 practitioners involved. See below for details.

How do overtone instruments help? Everything in nature desires to become more harmonious, as evidenced by the golden ratio, which can be seen in flower petals, shells, and spiral galaxies to name a few. Overtones, particularly harmonic overtones, possess this perfect ratio as well. By experiencing their vibrations directly and viscerally, bypassing our minds, we begin to entrain to this harmony within ourselves. As they are repeated at subtler and subtler levels, eventually they take one to the source of vibration, the experience of the Self.  

Why Cacao? Pure cacao has empathogenic and mood stabilizing qualities. It contains anandamide which is a neurotransmitter that supports an open heart and happiness; it also contains theobromine which is a mild stimulant and muscle relaxant. The heart softening and heart opening effect of the cacao allows for deeper healing work and aids in releasing the emotional holding patterns that have become stored in our muscles and fascia. We use pure Criollo cacao from Ecuador, which contains a number of healthy micronutrients including Calcium, Iron, and Magnesium. Research has established its benefits to the cardiovascular system. 

When experienced in conjunction  the gong, the cacao amplifies the vibrational qualities that can be experienced by both the mind and the body. 

*Note: You do not have to be a current patient of Dr. Asher’s to schedule a session. Please call the office to book an appointment.

Individual sessions last 60-90 minutes; we also offer two-person experiences, 90-120 minutes

Try to refrain from eating 1-2 hours before your session.

Booking Policy: Charge 50% at time of booking

Cancellation Policy: We require 48-hour notice for a full refund. After which you will forfeit your 50% deposit. This policy is due to advanced preparation with 3 or more practitioners.

For those who want to understand further understand the mechanics of sound meditation: 

Neuroscientists have shown that the mind makes sense of the world by associating a current experience with what it has experienced in the past. We look at shapes and hear words and make sense of them based upon past experience. Traditional western melodies work because of expectation that certain progressions need to resolve or not resolve in a particular way. Overtone instruments on the other hand take the mind on a journey that has no predictable resolution, thereby allowing one to become more and more present, holding the moment without expectation. The vibration and the overtones vibrate in patterns until they don’t and then there is silence. The mind follows the sound until there is none, experiencing the inner silence. In this way these sounds work like the traditional Sanskrit mantras.  

Self-discovery, Stress Management, and Other Offerings

We seek to assist you on your journey wherever we can!

We offer a variety of tools curated to better ground yourself in our fast-changing world; stabilize the shifts made during your session; support your own healing and life-style changes; or go beyond what you currently know to glean a little bit more about yourself.  

These modalities are offered in addition to Dr. Asher’s sessions (although he employs some of these techniques himself). Most of these tools can either stand-alone or be offered in a custom multi-modaity session. 

See below for short descriptions of the offerings. Please call to speak with our practitioners for details

A custom experience designed to support individuals, families, and businesses in leveraging new discoveries and implementing tactics to create a more joyful and bountiful existence. The session typically includes the use of a human design chart and akashic record reading to provide information about the energetic blueprints of the individual(s). Other ancillary techniques such as EFT, TFT, hands on energy work, and color therapy  are employed on a client-by-client basis depending on what is needed at the time of the session.

Reiki, Reconnective Healing, and other light-touch but non-invasive energy field therapies, as well as guided imagery are offered both in conjunction with Dr. Asher’s manual therapy or as stand alone sessions.