The world of medicine is radically shifting away from the old relationship-centered physician patient paradigm, to the profit-driven corporate paradigm. In this change, I believe we start to lose the the soul of the art of medicine – a healing partnership between two individuals. The purpose of this blog is to provide health information without corporate bias or conflict of interest that supports individuals on their healing path. These are my opinions based upon over 30 years of holistic medical and surgical practice.

Notice of Dr. Asher’s death

Dear patients, colleagues, and friends of Benjamin F. Asher - Our beloved husband and father died on May 16 from metastatic cancer. He was surrounded by the three of us and a few close friends. Even though he’d been on medical leave for 17 months, the decline felt...

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Medical records access

Presently, the process for accessing medical charts remains the same as it has been since January 1, 2023: requests and required releases are handled via email. Please use this email address moving forward: The practice maintains access to medical...

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My personal health update

Dear patients, colleagues, and friends - I know many of you have wondered where I've been this past year. I invite you to read the messages below from my son and wife, respectively, for an update. Season's greetings! Benjamin To the patients, colleagues, and friends...

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