The world of medicine is radically shifting away from the old relationship-centered physician patient paradigm, to the profit-driven corporate paradigm. In this change, I believe we start to lose the the soul of the art of medicine – a healing partnership between two individuals. The purpose of this blog is to provide health information without corporate bias or conflict of interest that supports individuals on their healing path. These are my opinions based upon over 30 years of holistic medical and surgical practice.

Antimicrobial Mouth Wash

Our microbiome supports us in strange and mysterious ways. Did you know that bacteria found in the mouth are vitally important in reducing high blood pressure via exercise? A recent study revealed that the health benefits of exercise in reducing high blood pressure...

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Stanford Immune Study

In what I would call a “landmark study”, researchers at Stanford University have discovered that the destruction of the human gut microbiome by antibiotics reduces the competence and function of our immune systems. People who received the flu vaccine after recently...

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Vocal Fold Hemorrhages

There are few situations when it is necessary for a vocalist to urgently seek care of a laryngologist (aka throat doctor), but sudden loss of the voice after or during a strenuous performance - without a concurrent upper respiratory infection - is one of them. If this...

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