The world of medicine is radically shifting away from the old relationship-centered physician patient paradigm, to the profit-driven corporate paradigm. In this change, I believe we start to lose the the soul of the art of medicine – a healing partnership between two individuals. The purpose of this blog is to provide health information without corporate bias or conflict of interest that supports individuals on their healing path. These are my opinions based upon over 30 years of holistic medical and surgical practice.

Lyme and When to Treat

Tick season is in full swing and I am getting lots of calls and seeing patients with new tick bites. Many of the calls are about children who are at day camp. Please check your children for ticks everyday when they come home if they have been playing outside. If you...

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The Power of Words

I had a vocalist come to me who was told by their speech pathologist/voice teacher that she would never sing again based upon some finding on a stroboscopic evaluation. Nothing was further from the truth, but the person was devastated and completely gave up all hope...

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Mystical Experiences

I was speaking to a friend of mine the other day who told me that, while walking during a magnificent sunset on the island of Maui, he had a mystical experience. The majesty of the scenery, the intensity of the color and the shapes of the clouds, and the sheer power...

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