Notice of Dr. Asher’s death

Jun 9, 2024

Dear patients, colleagues, and friends of Benjamin F. Asher –

Our beloved husband and father died on May 16 from metastatic cancer. He was surrounded by the three of us and a few close friends.

Even though he’d been on medical leave for 17 months, the decline felt rapid and unexpected. He was officially on hospice for only five days. At the end of April, we were still making summer plans and charting different paths for his to return to his practice. He was eager to witness how all that he’d been through with his cancer journey would inform his work with others.

In his final days Benjamin surreptitiously winked at anyone whose attention he caught and there was a twinkle in his eye – as if the cosmic punchline had been delivered to him and he’d hoped to let us in on the joke. He was loving, curious, surprisingly strong, determined, and striving to co-create healing moments to his last breath (and beyond).

While we haven’t yet had an opportunity to reply to many of the lovely notes we received while he was ill, please know each one was read and cherished by Benjamin. We’ve been moved to learn how he touched some of your lives in ways we could not have imagined. Perhaps his most valuable healing tool came not from his degrees or surgical training or even years of clinical experience – but from his desire to see and appreciate the perfection we all are at the depths of our being and pull some of that forward into our conscious awareness.

During the final week, he began to outline a letter of appreciation to all of you, which he had hoped to write himself. He wanted to underscore how honored he felt to have had his patients entrust their care to him. Please know how much he missed interacting with all of you.

Per Benjamin’s wishes, there will be no formal gatherings (shiva, funeral, or memorial services). We have been honoring and celebrating him privately.

In lieu of flowers, gifts, or donations* he wanted you to put those resources toward whatever will bring you joy – and maybe think of him while you’re enjoying! These past months he told everyone he could not to delay doing what makes their heart sing because there’s always a reason to put these things off, but rarely ever a good or insurmountable one. This is not to ignore the ills of the world, but a nod to the benefits of finding the joy and love between the cracks of even the most challenging situations. Benjamin became very adept at that this past year, consistently assuring us that he saw and felt the perfection of his circumstances. If he would want any legacy, it would be for you to know your inherent worthiness and to trust that love is the fabric of the universe.

Regarding future correspondence with the practice:

  • If you are a patient or provider who would like to know how to access medical records click here.
  • For all other communication or inquiries, please use this email address – Note: While the phone lines and previous email addresses are still technically active for the time being, they are not monitored frequently.

From the depths of our hearts, we want to thank you each for giving Benjamin the opportunity to express himself and his gifts via his relationships with you. And for your role in making his life so full, colorful, and meaningful.

Peace to you and yours,
The Ashers (Cynthia, Tobin, and Kamyn)

*If non-profit donations truly bring you delight, his favorite things to personally support included: arts institutions and education, the environment, civil and women’s rights, protecting indigenous populations, public broadcasting, and advances in psychedelic medicine.