Recipes to Cook at Home

Apr 10, 2020

Since we’re all at home and our lives seem to be slowing down considerably, it’s just as good a time as any to enjoy homemade meals. This easy, but delicious, salad recipe has ingredients that support the immune system while also bringing forth amazing flavor and texture. While the recipe calls for shaved Brussels Sprouts you can substitute for raw shaved broccoli for an extra dose of Quercetin.

A simple roast chicken can go a long way… this simple roast chicken is great on it’s own, on a salad or sandwich, made into chicken salad or pretty much any other way. It’s the perfect thing to make while working from home since prep is very simple but it needs to be watched as it roasts in the oven. The lemon and garlic are essential but you can spice it with whatever else you like.¬†We recommend rosemary and oregano as these spices help support your immune system as they are high in¬†Rosmarinic acid.