The world of medicine is radically shifting away from the old relationship-centered physician patient paradigm, to the profit-driven corporate paradigm. In this change, I believe we start to lose the the soul of the art of medicine – a healing partnership between two individuals. The purpose of this blog is to provide health information without corporate bias or conflict of interest that supports individuals on their healing path. These are my opinions based upon over 30 years of holistic medical and surgical practice.

Hawaiian Wisdom – Ho’oponopono

So many of my patients grind their teeth at night and often clench during the day. This can result in chronic ear and jaw pain, headaches, sinus pain, and a plugged or moist sensation in the ears. For some people this is not an issue of how the teeth come together...

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Testosterone and the Voice

The hormone testosterone is often given to women to increase their libido, energy and drive. Many conventional and integrative physicians provide these prescriptions. If you are a person dependent upon their voice for a living, please take note. One of the known but...

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